Multi Disciplinary Case Discussions for Botox and Dermal Fillers

Planning Treatment

Planning of treatment and understanding an individuals needs and linking that to the assessment of facial shape contour and lines is a vital aspect in obtaining good results.

This requires a detailed consultation in order for our doctors to understand the needs of the client and assessment. Many treatments cases will follow set pathways particularly if the findings and demands fall into a similar box. For more challenging cases where a number of parts of the face need attention and a fine balance needs to be obtained or even in cases when there is very little in way of facial ageing and treatment needs to be very delicate it is often helpful to have a number of expert opinions. Here at myskindesign in view of the fact we have a multi disciplinary team including both Consultant Dermatologist with a specialist knowledge of skin and skin ageing and a consultant plastic Surgeon with a specialist knowledge of facial structure and anatomy we are able to discuss more challenging cases in order to obtain the best outcome. We tailor our treatments to the individual providing bespoke packages whether that be just botox, or just dermal filler or just skin treatment or it may be any number of combination and in some cases even delivered at different times.

The multidisciplinary case discussion ensure you receive the right treatment for you!

Dr Naila Usmani & Mr Sohail Akhtar